JTAG Bad Flash Need Help | Not Urgent


Junior Member
Jan 16, 2014
Mobo: Zephyr

Well i've had this Jtag a long time now. Never had an issue until I flashed a bad KV to it. Didn't think I would have such trouble flashing the nand to it. Now all
I get is:

"Version: 03Flash Config: 0xFFFFFFFF"

I know its not an issue with my Nand-X, I tried Martin C's method everything seems to be fine. I don't get christmas lights anymore. Now all I get after a while is 4 solid red ring.

Doesn't boot Xell(obviously)

Soldering is beautiful(I'll get some right now)

Jtag Soldering Points Are Beautiful

If anyone can help I would appreciate it but I am in no rush and if its a toasted bored just post that its toasted ;) Thanks :cool2: