Ban risk Switch


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Jan 19, 2020
Hello everyone,

Well I didn't know exactly where to ask my questions because I'm new here, but I have a few questions about hack and ban with sx os.

Actually, before to hack my console, I erased all the account I used on it. Then created two more accounts who are not yet linked to Eshop. Then I reinitialized the console and sd card completely.
It's important that I also have a Switch mini and this is where I use now my main account only. After I backed up my nand and created my emu Nand, I booted the hack on my fat Switch with new account not linked to eshop. I didn't connect yet connected again my fat switch to online and if I do will use of course the feature of Stealth OS and 90 DNS. Though if by any badluck I still got banned ( I don't care my fat switch to be banned ), I'm scared about my main account where I bought so many games and don't want it to be banned though. Is there any risk I can't use this account even though my Switch mini is not hacked and that my main account was not since my switch was hacked and that it was erased before I hacked it ? That's my very important question. Because I would like to use my fat switch with ftp and application like Home switching. But I don't want any risk that my main account get banned. I saw some people say that only the console is banned but using another one is fine. But I also saw someone online said they could ban like the account using the same IP adress as the console, but it would mean that my Switch mini account which was used before I hack my switch would become banned too until I used another IP adress ? If someone can help me about this, it would be much apreciated.

Thank you very much everyone.


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Sep 25, 2018
I am not sure if I fully understand your question but I will try to help. As far as I know it is only the console that gets banned not the account, so you can have other 'clean' consoles linked to the account without any problems. I may be wrong and if so hopefully someone will correct me, but it would be pretty mean of Ninty to ban the actual account when other users with clean consoles might be using it.