Batteries draining quickly on 2.9.3 beta


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Oct 25, 2019
I've noticed after updating to the recent beta and updating my switch that it started to drain a bit faster and charge slower. I don't have auto rcm turned on (if that's still a program, idk, I just don't keep it on).

I also had a problem in the beginning where sxos would crash when starting but I fixed that by taking out the titles folder and putting it back in.


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Jul 11, 2018
yeah it realy sucks , did you guys will fix it. or better downgrade ?
because when i turn my switch into standby mode and it is in dockingstation . at next day , its off , because off battery. that is so fu... slow for charging the battery. crazy thing. or better i go into android or atmosphere , when i will go sleep. and i turn my switch off into standby mode.

so for now , i change the cfw. but still waiting for ya fix.