Before You Post With RROD (E79 etc) Read This !


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Dec 31, 2003
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If like most people, you have just pulled out from under the bed your old XBOX 360 with RROD errors "fixed" it with overheating it and an RROD Repair Kit, please remember this is only a temporary measure and will fail again - some very soon after completion.

Also if you have removed you motherboard from the case to solder especially on a Xenon the chances are just disturbing it will make it RROD.

In both cases the Nand-x will still read and write the Nand but when you try to boot you'll be given the RROD.

Before you start to post, reflash he original dump and turn off the JTAG and try to boot if it still gives issues it's not the Nand-x or Jtag, it's the console, either standard RROD or your soldering skills suck!

Also if you didn't have RROD before you fitted JTAG but you get RROD after then chances are your soldering is bad.

Also there are several SMC patches available that solve the E79 issues - have a read around.

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Sep 21, 2011
im just thanking you for your signature lol sorry had to

"Why is everybody's camera broken when I ask for some pics of an install " so funny

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