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I am purchasing a flashed pre-owned XBOX slim. The seller is unsure of what version the DVD has been flashed to, all he knows is he last played backup of FIFA 15 fine with it, he has no DVD key or anything of the original firmware, looking up lists online I can guess the drive is a LITEON (two versions possible 16D4S or 16D5S) or what seems like a 5% chance of being a hitachi (DLN10N).

I have read that for XBOX 360 games there are "waves". There is a partial list here: ( which ends at wave 14, but at another place I saw mention of a wave 17.

1. What are these waves exactly?

2. Reading some info about these waves makes me think they are games that update software / flash drives to certain versions undoing any flashing? Do I need to be concerned that it will undo the flashing on the XBOX SLIM?

3. I see MS has been updating the dashboards, latest being in late 2016 (, whereas the LT+3 version was released years ago. Does that version still hold up and work with XBL?


Update : With regards to questions 2 & 3 I went ahead and updated to the latest dashboard (from 2.0.17349.0 to latest) and its still working with a Halo Anniversary backup, which I think is XGD3 & AP2.5. So all is good?!


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Jun 25, 2013
LT+3 is still the latest and greatest. I would doubt MS would do any updates at this point to change that. As for your other questions, there are years worth of forum posts and web history to answer your questions.