JTAG Beginner Jtag help?


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Jan 30, 2018
My friend recently gave me his Xbox 360 and I realized it was a falcon and that got me thinking about Jtagging or getting a RGB on the old thing. I just need some help with JTagging Here is some info, It has a external drive but no clue which kind or how much, Its used and HAS BEEN OPENED up before, it can run fake games with a rewritable disk. The last part has me thinking if it is areadly JTagged or RGHed, I need some help!

Joo C

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Dec 2, 2011
South Africa
Start up the console using the eject button. If a blue screen with XELL appears it's jtagged/rgh'd. If not it's highly unlikely and has merely had the drive flashed.