BENQ Benq Vad6038 Ribbon Cable


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Oct 19, 2014
Hi I recently replaced the laser on my benq vad6038 drive by taking it out of a spare xbox I had , which has the lite-on drive. The lasers are the same however upon closer inspection I noticed the ribbon cable in my benq drive had torn and as a result is not reading disks despite changing the laser. I changed the ribbon cables from the lite on drive and put it into my benq drive but it does not work. It keeps saying reading for about a minute (you can hear the laser trying to read) however it then says open tray. So I was wondering whether I need a specific benq ribbon cable for it to work or is it another issue.



Mar 16, 2011
Milton Keynes.UK
Replace your broken BenQ laser ribbon with an EXACT replacement.If it's still not reading discs,then your laser will need "Pot" tweaked.
360 laser ribbons are available to buy on Ebay,cheap