Best cutting/wiring model for 83850Cv2/93450C PCB


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Jan 17, 2010
I've go very basic electronic skills, so pardon me if the following sounds lazzy, but I've noticed that JungleFlasher's guide to cutting/wiring the LiteOn 83850C v2 and 93450C PCBs to make it possible to retrieve the key differs from the one posted here ( in some wiring points. I'm about to perform my first 93450C modding and I was wondering which one is the best one to follow or if whichever one I choose is fine.

Just to make it easy, here are the PCBs cutted/wired and their differences:


teajunkie (here):


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Aug 19, 2009
Syracuse NY
i'd go with team jungle since they make jungleflasher and the tutorial . just my opinion though

actually looking at the picture closer those look like 2 different complete boards so i would suggest look close 2 see which ones yours match's and go from there
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