Black screen on everything


Junior Member
Jun 18, 2019
So basically I cant boot into any cfw:
Just got my switch went into Hekate RCM to backup NAND,
Injected SX OS, created emunand without a problem then i went to get my license to boot the cfw so i had to plug back the SD card into the computer (the console was on ofw and updated to 8.10)
Copied the license file and tried re-injecting SX OS but doesnt work, just a quick flash of the red logo/splash then black screen, tried formatting, launching atmosphere but even that gives me the black screen. I ocasionnaly get stuck on the Nintendo Switch logo and I have to force shutdown the console. OFW boots without any pro

I heard restoring the NAND wont work because i already have 10 burnt fuses, and I cant even launch a cfw to downgrade via ChoixdujourNX
So am I a sitting duck here ? any suggestions ?

Any help is appreciated