Blaster CK3 360 + BenQ VAD6038 FW Ver: 64930C question


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Sep 21, 2010
Hello everyone, I would personally like to thank Team Xecuter for making such a wonderful website and helping everyone with their helps and needs. You all make things so easy now days! So my point of this post is this. I'm customizing my 3rd Xbox 360 and as you can tell it has a BenQ drive and it seems as if the easiest way to flash the DVD drive is with the Blaster CK3 360? As a new member of this website, I've been reading forum after forum after forum just so I can learn a few things before asking stupid questions. So here it goes:

With the Blaster CK3 360 it seems as if all I have to do is just plug it straight into the sata port in my desktop pc or the pci card if my motherboard is compatible and then from there follow jungle flashers tutorials of flashing the dvd drive correct? I've always looked as flashing as something you had to be really really smart about....but this seems pretty straight forward and I just wanted to be sure on things before I start buying stuff for my build. I figure while having a cool looking 360, flash it and just go from there.

I've read the installation guide to the Blaster CK3 360 and I have jungle flashers tutorials as well.

I just want to thank you all again and I plan on using this website very frequently now since I'm becoming more and more familiar with the flashing/modding world. :D