Brand New to Xbox 360 Modding


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Jun 5, 2016
Hi, My Name is Julian. I have an old black xbox 360 Elite I believe and I want to make it more useful. I have modded my original xbox with a 250 GB HDD and installed linux onto it so I can run emulators and applications on it as well as copy games, and ftp to it. When it comes to skill, I have a basic knowledge of C++ and Visual Basic and I am currently experimenting with x86 assembly. I can solder and have a small knowledge on how electrical circuits work.

I don't really use my xbox 360 much any more and would like to make it useful again. I was actually trying to find some softmods for the xbox 360 and since the last version was by team xecuter I thought it would be a good idea to come here XD.

If any expert is willing to share some links to where I can get my hands on such software or prerequisites I need before starting an xbox 360 modding project so I can get back into the game :p
I'd really appreciate any help I can get.


Oct 19, 2014
there is actually no soft mods for the 360 unless you think flashing is softmodding but even that requires you to take apart the 360.