[BREAKING NEWS] MrModchips wins appeal in £1million UK modchip case !!!


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Dec 6, 2002
In a landmark historic occasion today 11 June 2008 at the court of appeal criminal division the legal argument that modchips do not circumvent copyright protection was upheld by Judge Justice Jacobs.

The granting of this appeal based on the argument that the copyright infringement has already taken place before the use of a modchip has resulted in the squashing of all 26 counts against MrModchips

The defendant MrModchips was awarded full costs as a result of his successful appeal and offered his most sincerest thanks to his legal team and his many well wishers who had supported his fight for justice in the face of what are now no more than corporate public bullies.

The normally very vocal Michael Rawlinson from ELSPA was strangly unavaliable for comment today.

Mr Rawlinson was originally quoted as saying

It marks a milestone in the fight against piracy.
What it does now is mark a milestone in the fight against overzealous independant agencies who have their strings pulled by corporations as opposed to the genuine concerns of the electorate.

What will these mean for modchips in the UK ?????? Truly a disastor for the likes of ELSPA and Trading Standards.

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