Bricked my Trinity RGH the dumbest way possible


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Jul 9, 2018

So this is a repost from another forum, I hope it's not a problem.

It's been a while I haven't touched my modded Xbox, I wanted to play some Link with friends.

Noticed that my Xbox couldn't play games on Disc, I figured it was the DVD Key that was not correct. Turns out I completely lost this key.
So I did some research and I found out that I could flash Xecuter's firmware called "Fusion" (old thing) and "pair" the drive that way.
So I blindly built a nand with it and flashed it without downgrading the dashboard, now this happens:
  • The Xbox does boot normally until the end of the boot animation, black screen afterward.
  • There is no Xell when I press eject BUT it loads a file called "FusionInstaller.xex" on my flash drive, which installs a "Firmware" folder from the flash drive into the HDD that contains XAM, bootanim.xex, etc.
  • When I try to replace FusionInstaller.xex from the flash drive with XexMenu, 360 Nand Flasher or Xell Launch when pressing eject, I get an error E01.
  • When I try to replace bootanim.xex from the flash drive with an other bootanim.xex it works but I get a black screen with any other executable

Anyone has an idea please? I though about getting the current patched XAM could maybe fix it? Or maybe if someone might be able to make a custom FusionInstaller.xex that can load XeLL or a nand flasher? That could save me from buying a JR-Programmer and messing everything up (I can't solder properly at all).

Thanks a lot.