Cant Programm Coolrunner Rev.C


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Mar 21, 2020
Hey, im very new to this and i might have f'ed up bigtime, yesterday i was trying to rgh 1.2 my jasper, that didn't go well, i made it not boot at all. i got past the part where i had to programm the xsvf file and after that i proceeded to put the chip in the console and solder all the wires, i broke the console while soldering (ye im dumb), after that i realised my mistake, i tried to soldier the wires so they wouldn't fall off easily and i basically burned the console. The next day i bought a trinity and really wanted to get this project done, i got to the part where i read the Nand, created ecc, wrote it and when i tried to install the xvsf file it showed me:

''Xilinx XC2C64A-VQ44 ......... [DETECTED]
Unsupported xsvf file''

My guess is that i flashed the jasper xsvf file on the coolrunner and it only will let me flash jasper timing files, is that correct? Is it fixable? Am i Dumb? thanks in advance.