CK3 Probe II Tutorial - MRA MODE

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Dec 6, 2002
Recommended Tools (Sponsored by ModTraders)

CK3 Pro:
CK3 Probe II:
Fiberglass Scratch pen:
Xacto Knive Set:

Here is the method to do a full dump of your Liteon drive using the CK3 Probe II (MRA) Method. This has been tested working on ALL drives including 74850, 83850 v1, 83850 v2 & 93450* - including BOTH the MXIC & WINBOND chipsets.

*NOTE: You only need to use this method with the Liteon 83850 V2 and 93450 Drives. You do NOT need any laser calibration data from a full firmware dump so it is pointless doing this method with earlier versions of drive (74850 you simply dump the drive key using the Prove v1 function and the 83850 v1 you can dump the drive key without using the probe)


Before you use the CK3 Probe II we recommend that you make sure your PC SATA setup is working correctly. So connect the CK3 Pro to the DVD drive and connect the SATA cable to your SATA card/motherboard and check Jungle Flasher to see if there is any communication.

If all is well this is what it should look like:

First you need to remove the DVD drive from the Xbox 360. Instructions can be found here

For this tutorial we are using a Liteon 93450 DVD Drive.

1. OK now to remove the PCB from the drive casing. Remove the 4 screws

2. Cut the white sticker

3. Remove the bottom metal plate

3. Disconnect these 3 cables

4. Remove these 2 screws

5. Push the plastic latch as shown and then unplug the DVD Control Board

6. This is the area we will be working with

7. This is how you connect the CK3 Probe II to the CK3 Pro. Make sure the OP Switch is in the UP position and switch the mode to MRA. If you power on the CK3 Pro you will see that the CK3 Probe II BLUE POWER LED is on and the MRA GREEN NORMAL LED is on (IF the RED LED is Lit, OP-Switch is in WRONG position!). This shows that everything is functioning. You should now turn the CK3 Pro power OFF.

MULTI-R SWITCH: We recommend you switch to 20 as default. Only use 18 or 22 if you cannot get into vendor mode.

8. Ok now for the pain in the ass part. You have to cut traces on the PCB in order to fool the onboard chip into vendor mode so you can read the full unencrypted firmware. The cuts are small and not difficult to do. Most people use an Xacto knife or better still a small dremel tool. We also strongly recommend you use a fiberglass scratch pen and clean up the 2 pads around the via holes to make the Probes contact better.

TOP TIP: Clean the traces with a Fiberglass Scratch Pen BEFORE you do any cuts - Gives you better visibility of what your cutting and the pads are less fragile whilst still joined to the trace. For those who waste time making posts saying "Do I need a Fiberglass scratch pen" - You have proved that you didn't read this tutorial ;)

There are two methods you can use for cutting the traces. The first is the V-Cut.

Make 2 small cuts where the yellow lines are. Cutting a trace uses 10% skills and 90% common sense.

We recommend you do a continuity test with a multimeter to make sure your trace cuts are correct

  1. Make sure there is no power to the DVD drive.
  2. On your multimeter you will notice a bunch of different settings. You are going to want to set your tester to read ohms " Ω " or more commonly known as the Greek Omega symbol. If your multitester features numerous settings under the ohms symbol, just set it to X1.
  3. If you look at your tester when the probes are not touching anything, you should see a reading of infinity or OL. Touch the two probe tips together and you should see the reading change to zero. If your tester features an audio alert, it too will sound as you touch the probes together.
  4. Now what you are going to want to do is touch one probe tip to one side of the trace and the other probe tip to the other side of the trace. If the trace is not cut correctly or "closed," the tester will read zero and you should hear the audio beep if it has that feature. If the trace is cut correctly or "open," the tester's reading will not change and there will be no audio beep if it has that feature

This is what a clean trace cut should look like:

Here is the second method. It's a little easier but you'd have to solder a small jumper wire as per the following image. You can use a continuity tester to make sure that the cut is clean:

9. Now take the CK3 Probe II and place the points onto the marked red and green positions. The Probe's pins are clearly marked. Remember at this stage the power to the CK3 Pro should be OFF.

10. Now turn the CK3 Pro power switch to on. You will now see the CK3 Probe II BLUE POWER LED come on and also the MRA GREEN NORMAL LED come on.

11. Using the latest Jungle Flasher (v0.1.74 at time of press) refresh the I/O port. you should see the DVD drive properties if everything is connected and setup correctly. This is also an indication that your SATA is setup correctly. You may need to select another I/O port then return to the correct I/O port for it to show properly.

12. Press the Intro/Device ID Button.

13. Now Click Yes, then push the OP Switch on the CK3 Probe II down. The MRA R/W LED should be RED (If it doesn't go Red don't worry just carry on through the steps - everything will work as normal)

Note: The Red R/W LED not working may indicate the pull down is on the weak side. Every effort was taken to bias the red led off point at the optimum voltage for MRA. This optimum is the point that guarantees a successful intro, w/o damaging your drive. It will not effect how the Probe 2 reads / writes the firmware in any way :) (You could also try a different resistor level too - that's a good indication of a weak pull down).

Note: Some users report that Turning OFF CK3 PRO first - OP SWITCH Down - THEN click YES - Turn ON CK3 PRO - switches to vendor mode more successfully. Either way could work for you.

14. You should now get Status 0x72 and you are in vendor mode. As soon as you see the flash chip properties switch the OP SWITCH up to Normal mode right away (GREEN NORMAL LED). Hold probes in place and dump firmware by pressing READ button, ONCE "save" button appears you can remove probe, power off CK3 and SAVE that OFW:)

(NOTE: If you have a Winbond IC you may see a warning to switch LT switch back to normal then press OK! Simply press the OP Switch to the UP position then click OK.)

If you don't get 0x72 then simply retrace your steps and try again (if you are using Windows x64 then 0x72 rarely kicks in the first time. Wait until it says failed, turn CK3 power off, click intro/ID, click yes then turn CK3 Pro on - 0x72 should kick in after a couple of seconds). We have done this process many hundreds of times and our testers have now done hundreds of consoles. When done correctly it works every time.



15. Once you have dumped the drive a couple of times to make sure the key is correct, simply follow erase and flash the drive while holding the CK3 Probe II firmly in place - the whole process takes all of 30 seconds. No soldering of any PCB rebuilds required or any other messing about.

16. When finished, repair the traces with solder or conductive glue. Then plug in all the cables back into the PCB and connect the drive together. You're good to go !

Here is a more extensive guide by ModMonster on how to repair the trace cuts:



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Dec 6, 2002
CK3 Probe II Tutorial - MRA MODE (Liteon 83850V2 93450)

If you have a problem or question create a thread and wait for someone to answer your question.

1. DO NOT Hi-jack other peoples threads

2. Make sure you follow this tutorial step-by-step. If you have a problem with the drive not detecting or the drive not powering up or the drive resets itself then you have a short or you haven't repaired the traces correctly or you haven't followed the Probe 2 procedures correctly. That's it nothing else so its pointless making a post asking why that's happening as you will get the same answer each time.

3. If you have a problem and you think its down to your trace cuts or soldering then post a picture first. Its useless to ask for help on these points if we can't see what you have done.
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