CK3 Probe Serial Data Bad NO GREEN LED Explained

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Dec 6, 2002
Some of you are posting that you get no green LED when connecting the CK3 probe to R707 on a Liteon 74850 drive.

The answer is simple - chances are the drive has previousley been flashed with iXtreme LT firmware. Once that has happened then is no serial connection going to R707 (a serial connection provides 3.3v) therefore no LED (Serial is turned OFF on 83/93 based fw - and iXtreme LT is based on 93 fw - this was removed by the Vendor not by C4E !).

So when you FIRST use the CK3 Probe on a stock drive - always make sure you save your OFW / Dummy.bin / DVD Key - then you will be able to upgrade your drive without the need for the Probe in future.

To prove that your CK3 Probe is not faulty - simply return the drive to its Stock 74850 fw and you will see that the green LED works again as there is now a serial connection going to R707.

Note: Any keys that you have dumped are stored in the Jungle Flasher Key Database so don't panic if you think you lost your key !

You can however dump your pre-flashed fw info using the "Dummy from iXtreme" option in Jungle Flasher if you have any other (non-LT) iXtreme fw flashed.

if you have an LT based firmware and do not have your key saved then you need to do the MRA hack (LT Switch / Probe 2) to recover your drive key.


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Oct 11, 2009
i got the same prob Serial Data Bad but a very dull green light on the probe v2.
turns out the r707 hole was just craped up and needed abit of a clean and just moved the probe around till the green light lit up proper.
hope this help.
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