CK3i CK3i Malfunction


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Apr 3, 2012
Alright so while I was restoring my firmware to stock to update to the recent Dashboard firmware I mistakenly plugged the Molex power in upside down. I do not believe the third Molex ring is grounded so I am worried that this might have in some way overloaded the board. The CK3i still powers up and gives power to the drive, but the standby switch no longer works and just results in the green and orange button lighting up at the same time continually (Eject and Mode B all work fine). Knowing this I continued in my Drive flash to stock firmware. Everything went fine (except I do not believe the CK3i was detected by Jungle flasher) and I was able to revert to stock, update, then reflash LT 3.0 on my drive. I noticed though that my drive, though it can open and close refuses to read any game I put in (backup, or original). I might have had my drive hooked up while the Molex was improperly hooked up. Can anyone help me find the root of this problem, because I am stuck with a drive that won't read any discs, and if possible help me to fix my drive?
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