CloudFlare Warning & DDoS Attacks


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Dec 6, 2002
You might have noticed today, you had a hard time recently our wonderful TX forums, and checking out the latest threads, and then it was totally off.

Well you can thank some very nasty folks out there that have been hammering various Xbox Scene sites, and even hacking moderators and admins of other sites on here to post their crap XBL/KV services, after we banned them all, and removed the hacked accounts and informed other sites what they were doing, they decided the only option was to launch a massive DDoS attack that started at 9am EST and is STILL sadly ongoing.

This has forced us to changed our nameservers, and block the old server IPs and limited access to only using CloudFlare gateway, if you try accessing outside of the normal browsing way, you will be blocked, sadly CloudFlare blocks Tor users automatically and some other IP hiding services, legit VPN systems should work with no problem, there is nothing we can do about that right now, it was the only way to get TX back up and running and now is costing us $200 per month for that, so be thankful you can even read this message!

Checking your browser before accessing

This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.

Please allow up to 5 seconds…

DDoS protection by CloudFlare
Ray ID: 2c997fb43762471c
If you see that when trying the first time to login to our TX forums, then all is good, if you don't you can try dumping your TX cookies, clearing your browser cache, and worse case typing 'ipconfig /flushdns' in your windows command prompt, to force your ISP/PC to update to the new IP ranges we are using.

Failing that, just wait it out, we have some good things in store this weekend along with some major changes to make it all smooth and nice again, without these f**ktard idiots ruining your nice and friendly TX experience that you have enjoyed since we started Rock'ing the Scene in '02.

Until Then, Take Care, and our thanks to all the helpful admins out there from other sites on whom we are fighting and some dirt on them, so that they will have some 'knocks' on their doors soon by...... (that's enough info for now!)