[CANADA] Coleman's Mods In Cornwall, ON

I'm located in Cornwall, ON and have been modding Xbox's for roughly 5 years now. I have the following services to offer.

Flash phat - $20
Flash Slim LiteOn DG-16D4S - $40 I use Sputnik 360 or kamikaze
Flash Slim LiteOn DG-16D5S / Hitachi DL10N - Contact for pricing
Reset Glitch Hack Phat - $50 Zephyr, Opus, Falcon, Jasper, using CR rev C
Reset Glitch Hack Slim - Trinity - $50 with CR rev C. Contact for pricing using CR3 Lite/Pro
Reset Glitch Hack Slim - Corona - contact for pricing.
Reset Glitch Hack/DemoN Trinity - $110 using CR rev C
Reset Glitch Hack/DemoN Corona - contact for pricing
ROL/Controller LEDs - $10 ( blue, amber, white, orange )
Reflow – $40 Comes with 3 month warranty
Reball with new GPU – $60 Comes with 3 month warranty

If there is anything you need that is not listed here then please contact me and I will do my best to sort you out.

Drop off and pick up is more then welcome.
Shipping varies from $10-30 depending on your location and what your sending. All shipping will be done with Canada Post with tracking numbers.

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Aug 31, 2012
I have a Liteon 16D2S 74850 DVD Drive in my Xbox 360 and did not have the tools or expertise to dump the DVD Key for it but installing iXtreme LT+ 3.0 once I had the DVD key was not a problem. Coleman was fully willing to save me the trouble and install iXtreme LT+ 3.0 onto my DVD Drive after obtaining the key. He only charged me $15 to do this! It was the cheapest rate of everyone on the forums I asked (One person who I won't name wanted $50 to do it!). Coleman lives in Canada beside the US border so he has amazing prices for shipping to myself in Canada as well as people in the United States. I would like to request Coleman gets this thread stickied as he's an incredibly friendly , kind , professional who offers the best priced service I could find.

Thank you SOOOOO much Coleman and I highly recommend everyone to him :)
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Jan 6, 2013
Got a solid green light and was told to reflow HANA chip due to no video or audio and no red rings (RROD) errors.

Shipped it to Coleman, asked for reflow of the HANA chip and reball GPU = $60 +Shipping.

He reballed and reflowed the chips, BUT COULDN'T GET IT TO BOOT PAST SOLID GREEN LIGHT, so what did he do?
Replaced my Falcon board with one he had, reballed the GPU and sent it back for ... SIXTY BUCKS, the price of my reball service.

Best Modding Service on Team-Xecuter Forums, Period.

Thanks Coleman, 360 works beautifully.
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