Completed DemoN/RJTAG Installation on Jasper 16MB


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Nov 18, 2013
I just finished installing a DemoN and RJTAG kit into one of my Jasper 16MB's, and it's Insta-booting. I've attached pictures of my install, and hopefully these will aid anyone else working with these particular products, and produce a reference point for another member's working setup.

Whole Mobo Bottom.JPGCPU_RST Point.JPGPOST QSB.JPGMobo Wire Solder Points.JPGCage Tape.JPGRJTAG Solder Points.JPGDemoN Wires Closeup.jpgDemoN Whole.JPGView attachment 25306DemoN Wires.JPGMobo Bottom.JPGIMG_2844.JPGEverything from Above.JPGMobo Top.JPGDemoN Chip and Wires.JPG
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