Convert cheat from different build ID


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Sep 20, 2018
As tittle, most of us will be frustrated to find the cheat for game we wanted. But the most terrified is have same Title ID but different Build ID. So how to convert???

1) You needed to find at least one cheat able value from your game (easies is money/gold/ game currency) and write it down

2) Only touch or calculate middle group - (Left download from Internet Take a [big value] - [smaller value] = [differ number]. just add/Minus this one then you have the cheat you need (right).
In this case my game have values bigger than cheat I downloaded so I add 8CE118 to every middle, not touch others, except you wanna have lower value change it on last group. save alot time and enjoyable too


I tried and it work with frozen value in game

FYI: My English is not fluent so it is little confuse. asked me if you have question.

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