RGH Coolrunner Rev C not flashing


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Sep 27, 2013
Hey guys, yesterday I managed to get Xell to boot succesfully on my Jasper 512mb within a minute, with no problems at all, but today the console just froze up a few seconds after booting into Xell, so I turned it off and on, and realized the CR green led wouldn't flash anymore. Then I wrote my original nand dump back and it booted up fine, so I wrote back the .ecc file, Xell started but same thing happened. After doing the same procedure 3 times, the CR just didn't flash anymore,but LED still turns on when I write a timing file to it. Fan speed still increases/decreases. Now if I try to write stock nand back with CR installed I get 3rrod 0022, but if I go stock without CR, console boots up fine. As I have no way to post pics 'cause my camera is broken, I would like to know EVERY possible cause, every wire that may cause this issue. Any help would be REALLY appreciated, I'm almost teaching my console how to fly!


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Nov 1, 2011
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I firstly would suggest getting your hands on a camera and post pictures of everything, it is kinda needed to get help with these kind of issues/problems. Especially don't forget to pst a picture of the coolrunner.

Furthermore there is a template to fill in with the necessary info to provide: motherboard type, kernel etc.

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Jun 22, 2012
i would check your cpu_rest (the blue wire)

check all the other wire conections add more solder (If needed)

if everything is fine in that department

start again


wright the original nand back so it boots fine again then read the nand wright the ecc/xell then get cpu key and wright the rgh nand on and try that


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Aug 4, 2011
Borås, sweden
I would bet on faulty soldering or fake CR.
OP, wheres the pictures? And fill out the template so se can help you :)