ANSWERED Corona v3 and DemoN


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Dec 14, 2012
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Here is the bottom of a Corona v3 board.

View attachment 13006

As you can see in the annotated version below, the DemoN slim with Corona QSB will not install correctly without (very careful) modifications.

View attachment 13007

First, a surface mount capacitor blocks the QSB from installing, but a small hole can be drilled (see below photo) that will allow the mount. The hole will break the trace for D4, and will need bypassing (see below photo).

Second, the CE point was moved on the Corona v3 and will need an alt point (see above photo). Alt point #1 is probably preferred, but the jumper wire will be entirely under the DemoN, so thin wire and careful soldering would be a must.
I tried using Alt point #2, but was using the wrong point :facepalm:, I had mistraced the line. I ended up using the topside Alt point of U1D1 pad 2. These photos were taken before correcting this, as the DemoN was already installed by then.

View attachment 13008

View attachment 13009

Notice the yellow wire jumping D4.

Also notice that point RB was NOT soldered. This was a mistake that caused me no end of headaches, as I could connect to the DemoN, read and write the Demon NAND, read the XBox NAND (did not try to write at the time), but the XBox would refuse to boot when the DemoN NAND was selected, only when the XBox NAND was selected. It seems that the XBox could not read the DemoN NAND. I verified this by reading the NANDs via NAND-X, and I could see the XBox NAND just fine, but could not read the DemoN NAND.
A collision was being caused where both chips tried to feed data at the same time
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