RGH Corona V5: Flash Config: 0x00000000 after flashing nand


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Apr 4, 2011
Hi. I have Corona winbond motherboard. I successfuly read nand 3 times and all are the same. After that i check CR4 checkbox and write ECC... So i get CPU key and correct nand dump... I build freebot and write it, but after write xbox doesnt start and when i try to rewrite freebot a got message : Flash COnfig: 0x00000000. I am afraid that i build and write trinity nand instead of corona nand... Is there any way to fix it ? Power is corectly conected. When i plug power cable into board it make sound like when you start console.. But nothing happend.. No boot, no fan... I also try to replace nand-x with JR but nothing changed...

img of soldering:

Thanks for help and sorry for my english..
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Sep 5, 2014
What method were you using to rewrite the nand? I bet it is corrupted.

Erase the nand and then rewrite the ECC in order to check if it works. You can try the nand unbricking method of bridging with a screwdriver the data pins of the nand, it's here in the forums somewhere (Just be careful to only bridge the data pins)

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Jan 10, 2012
I don't think you can recover it that way.The sound when you plug power cord is eject sound or power sound?I had 2 with eject sound, recovered only with power cycle until I get correct flash config