Could someone check this?

Martin C

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Jan 10, 2004
Scotland, UK
Sorry to double post again.

Well, I got tired of trying to sort out my Liteon and spending more money, so I decided to spoof my BenQ to Liteon. Worked first time and I am back in the game. Boy am I glad I had that lying around.

Thanks to everyone for their help and the easy to follow JF tutorials. I just wish it had told me to take out that ribbon though, would have saved a ton of hassle. Will keep the dead drive if the need ever arises and I have to fix it.

Just grab the laser from the benq and put it in the lite-on . Their lasers between lite-on and benq are interchangeable. As xbox360 hacker says, you could be flagged when using a spoofed drive.



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Jul 13, 2010
Thanks for looking out for me, but it's not a worry for me as this box is offline only. Which reminds me, will there be a custom firmware for people like me that don't need the safety checks? I'm guessing there won't be due to people maybe flashing using the wrong firmware??