COOLRUNNER CR Rev. C not glitching (Debug light not blinking, Trinity wires install)


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Sep 4, 2011
TX Product(s) used: CoolRunner rev. C, DemoN
Console Type: Trinity
NAND size: 16MB
Dashboard version: 16537
CB version: 9231
Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner:
J-Runner log: In image above
Image of Coolrunner:
Images of close-up soldering to motherboard:
Resoldered bottom:
CR Wires top old1.jpgCR Wires bottom new2.jpgCR Wires bottom new3.jpgCR Wires bottom new.jpg
Old pics:
CR Wires bottom old1.jpg
(Note I moved the STBY_CLK to the alternate point and resoldered the other wires in the bottom just in case, but it did not fix the issue. I can get new pics if needed, but the xbox is working with CR off and I use it for Netflix atm)
Description of problem:
I installed the Coolrunner rev C and DemoN (Ordered from CK3) into my Trinity Slim. The Demon works fine, I can switch nands and it works with the stock nand written on demon with the coolrunner turned off. However I can't get the Coolrunner to work, no flashing debug light, the fan does the clicky sound though (ECC written). Also my CoolRunner serial is not recognized by the serial checker, it looks legit so it's just probably not updated there yet.
Demon install pics:
demon5.jpgdemon2.jpgdemon6.jpgdemon3.jpgdemon wires1.jpgdemon4.jpgdemon1.jpg
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