RGH CR3 Lite no flashing green debug LED


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Sep 25, 2012
Just fitted a CR3 Lite and no matter what I do it doesn't do anything at all: the red power LED is on when the power is connected, but the green debug LED never lights up/flashes at all.

The console is a Trinity with CB 9188, fitted a nand-x QSB and read NAND successfully multiple times with JR programmer and they are all the same with only one bad block (not at the start). Using the 50cm blue wire to connect CPU_RESET. The CR3 Lite is programmed with the trinity.xsvf and is set back to NOR with S4-4 on, S2-1 and S2-5 on, LK1 and LK2 shorted and LK3 and LK4 open. Tried it with the switch on slim and phat.

Tested continuity of all soldering to alternative points or the back of the thru-holes and they all appear to be connected, and when the console boots (and reboots repeatedly) the POST_BUS1 pin changes between 0 and 1.8V as I expect.

What could be causing it to never even try to glitch it?

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