CR3 Pro full post without QSB slim post V2? Direct wire solution?


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Jun 5, 2013
Hey guys,

Just to confirm the alternative POST points on the mobo for CR3 Pro full post.

My QSB post slim v2 is damaged and cannot be used, I need the direct wire solution.

I know that we have to solder all 8 post out points to use the rater feature as follow:

POST_OUT Wires.jpg
Slim POST_OUT Wires.jpg

However, if I don't want to use rater, which post out point do I need to solder.
I'm thinking of the following points but not 100% sure, please clarify:

post out point.png
post out point 2.png

Other suggestion is to use the follow point:

So, what is the alternative Post out points to use with CR3 Pro if your QSB post is damaged and you don't use rater. Can I use 1 of the above 2 points? Please help!!!

Thank you



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Feb 25, 2013
A cr3 full post is exactly that. U need to use all 8 post points for it to work...

Martin C

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Jan 10, 2004
Scotland, UK
Even if I don't use rater?
I think you're under the impression that RATER is the only reason it's full POST. RATER is a benefit BECAUSE the chip needs full post. That's why it says FULL POST on it.

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