TRINITY CR4 XL QSB Question and NAND Read Question


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Jun 12, 2017
  • Console Type: Trinity
  • Programmer Used: Will be using the Demon w/ JRunner v.3 beta
  • NAND Size: 16
  • Dashboard version: Not sure
  • Was the console working before you started: Y

I'm installing a demon slim and a CR4 XL in a Trinity that was running retail when I started. I'm using the v3 QSB for the CR4.

I have the Demon installed and was able to read the retail NAND with it using JRunner. My PC recognizes the Demon and I was able to toggle NANDs and update the Demon's firmware successfully. After every second NAND read, whether retail or the NAND that came written to the Demon, JRunner crashes. However from what I've seen this is not uncommon. Should I be concerned?

Every second NAND read also says something along the lines of "wrong header", regardless of where I'm reading. However the first NAND read doesn't say this and the two NAND reads are indeed identical. Can I chalk this up to a JRunner issue? The soldering on the Demon looks fine, and the NANDs are always identical 16MB files

Now on to the CR4. I just installed that today, and there's one solder point (top right) that is just being a stubborn sumb**** on the QSB. I was wondering if I could bypass it, or if I don't need it. My plans are to just use the Demon slim and the Coolrunner, and that's it. The board looks fine btw, I tried to clean it up before I took the pictures (see below) and got some Qtip everywhere, hence the messy look up there. I promise, the trace is still there lol! I simply cannot get the solder to stick to the gold plate on the board. Am I doing something wrong? Is the QSB actually supposed to be soldered to that resistor to the right?

I scuffed the little gold contact on the board where the QSB lines up with a scratch pad, put some flux down, but still can't get that little gold pad to tin.


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Mar 16, 2011
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You do not need to solder the stby_clk point. The qsb is a waste for the cr4 install. All those solder points and you literally only use the 5v point on the header. Hopefully you didn't damage the stby_clk point because your console will not boot if it is
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