CR4XL RGH2 Jasper, Stock Dash & Xell Boots, Modified Dash does not


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Mar 25, 2019
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  • Console Type: Jasper
  • Programmer Used: J-R Programmer V2
  • NAND Size: 16mb
  • Dashboard version: 16537
  • CB Version: 6752
  • Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: (attach an image to your post)
  • J-Runner log Quoted below
  • Images of close-up soldering to motherboard: images attached
  • Detailed Description of the Problem Written Below J-Runner log
  • Was the console working before you started: Yes
  • Do you get a green debug light appear on the CR4 XL chip every 4-5 seconds: Yes
  • How long is the light on for each time: around 1 second

    J-Runner Log:
    xeBuild v1.19.804
    base path changed to C:\Users\jrprogram\Downloads\J-Runner v3 (5) Core Pack\J-Runner v3 (5) Core Pack\xeBuild
    ---- { Image Build Mode } ----
    building glitch2 image

    done! fsroot found ok!
    C:\Users\jrprogram\Downloads\J-Runner v3 (5) Core Pack\J-Runner v3 (5) Core Pack\032579292807\updflash.bin image built, info:
    Kernel : 2.0.16537.0
    Console : Jasper
    NAND size : 16MiB
    Build : Glitch (v2)
    Xell : power on console with console eject button
    Serial : 032579292807
    ConsoleId : 019500548181
    MoboSerial: 8921034212799287
    Mfg Date : 07/08/2009
    CPU Key : Removed for obvious reasons
    1BL Key : DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA
    DVD Key : Removed for obvious reasons
    CF LDV : 16
    KV type : type2 (hashed - unchecked, master key not available)
    xeBuild Finished. Have a nice day.
    Saved to C:\Users\jrprogram\Downloads\J-Runner v3 (5) Core Pack\J-Runner v3 (5) Core Pack\032579292807
    Image is Ready
    Initializing updflash.bin..
    Jasper 16MB
    Nand Initialization Finished
    Version: 10
    Flash Config: 0x00023010
    Writing Nand
    in 4:53 min:sec

I require some assistance with a rather peculiar problem with my Jasper console.

Approximately a week ago i did all the NAND reading and writing with a J-R Programmer V2, dumped my stock NAND 4 times, all compared perfectly and had no drama, installed CR4 XL and it glitched first go right off the bat and booted into XeLL, got CPU key DVD drive key no problem, after i flashed the modified/hacked 16537 dash to the NAND and it was running beautifully for a few days, then after 3 or 4 days it started to deteriorate, and what i mean by this is the console seemed to have trouble booting into the dash, at some point freezing on boot at the x360 logo or profile sign in, over 3 days it got progressively worse until it stopped booting into the modified/hacked dash full stop, the chip would still glitch but no video output, i tested booting to XeLL at this time and it still booted into XeLL no problem, just to ensure everything was okay i took the power off the CR4 XL and wrote the stock dash back to the NAND and that booted without an issue.

after finding the stock dash booted without an issue i re-wrote XeLL to the NAND and that booted no problem, so i created another modified/hacked dash and re-wrote that to the NAND and tried booting again, it still refuses to boot the modified dash as it stands.

The CR4 XL's debug green light initially comes on and flashes around every 4 to 5 seconds, and stays on roughly for 1 second at a time, i could leave it for 10 minutes but it does not progress, im speculating that the dash goes into a boot loop of some sorts as i guess the debug light would not light up at all if it froze, as it stands changing the dip settings or moving the jumper on the CR4XL has no effect.

I currently have the CR4 XL wired for RGH2 as i beleive this is the only method above a certain dashboard revision, i have double checked my wires and although they might look a bit dodgy they are solid as can be and considering it has been glitching it fine, if anyone could kindly help me out or give me some insight i would gladly appreciate it.

Thank you.


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Mar 25, 2019
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1, use flux n retouch your solder points. they are not making good connection.
2, make sure motherboard did not strip wires.
3, did you have any bad blocks when reading nand?
Retouched them and are still good atm, no stripped wires from motherboard, was ultra careful, no bad blocks from nand at all, all perfect.

I had a thought, could a capacitor or other components nearby the rst wire cause a huge amount of interference and not glitch the console?

Sorry for a stupid question but, first console ive glitched.


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Mar 27, 2019
I thought it was best to have the dash updated to the latest dash 17526 on the stock nand then do a reed and go from there when using RGH2


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I thought it was best to have the dash updated to the latest dash 17526 on the stock nand then do a reed and go from there when using RGH2
if console is on dash 14699 or lower. no need to update as u could rgh1. if dash is 14717 or higher always good to update to latest dash b4 reading nand.