R-JTAG Curious Question


Junior Member
Dec 18, 2011
ok, well i r-jtaged my xbox elite a few months back and out of no where it just stopped booting. I hooked my jr programmer up and fired up the cr3 rater to see why it wasnt booting. It would always just stop at post 79 and go no further. I checked all my connections, touched everything up and still nothing. Let me remind you, for the past 3 months my box has been booting between instant-5 glitch cycles flawlessly. So then i flashed back to stock, disabled the r-jtag and it booted. In the end after all of this crap i decided id mess with the nand image. This is where i found it funny, and just wanted to know what everyone elses thoughts were on this. On my mobo i did aud_clamp option and i always checked it in jrunner when i built images. The only way i could get my box to boot again was i had to build a new hacked nand image, but this time with the aud_clamp option unchecked, and it boots the same as it did b4. This is where my question starts, why would my box only boot with the aud_clamp enabled in jrunner before, but now if i check that option it doesn't boot past post 79. You can move or delete this post if you want, was just a curious question i had, and maybe even some help to someone else with the same problem.