Defective SX Pro - Red = dead?


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Aug 18, 2018

Wondering if I have a doa SX Pro.

- formatted 32gb sd card as exFat via a windows machine

- copied latest boot.dat to root of card. This is the only file on the card.

- powered on switch and inserted dongle into usb-c port on bottom of switch

- led turn green on dongle green. Left inserted for 5 seconds

- powered off switch and placed jig in rh controller rail

- held down vol up button and tapped on power button

- led on dongle flashed briefly red

- screen remained black

- tried booting from dongle on a second switch with dongle and jig installed with same result. Led flashed red. Black screen

- made sure switch was off. Removed sd card and tried to boot with standard key sequence. My understanding is system should display white sd card icon with sad face. Screen remained black.

Any suggestions? I think I've covered all my possible troubleshooting steps.