RGH Deleted bootanim.xex... won't boot to Freestyle Dash 3.


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May 21, 2014
Hi everyone, Ryan here!

I have just gotten my Xbox 360 Slim (dashboard version is 16747) RGH'd, dual NAND'd and flashed with LT+ 3.0 (a professional did this for me). It is a Corona v3 motherboard. I have my CPU key, DVD key, backup of the bootanim.xex, and backups of my NAND before the RGH and after the RGH. Basically, I attempted to install FakeAnim, but my boot animation (fake animation) didn't show up after pointing the launch.ini file's "fakeanim = hdd:\fakeanim\fakeanim.xex". I then proceeded to delete the bootanim.xex file under the Flash folder in Freestyle Dash 3. Keep in mind, the launch.ini's FakeAnim setting was still enabled under hdd:\fakeanim\fakeanim.xex. At this point, I rebooted and it still didn't show the fake animation. I waited for my Xbox to boot up (takes between 30 seconds up to 5 minutes), took much longer than normal to boot, maybe 10 minutes. Because the fake animation didn't show up I FTP'd the bootanim.xex into the Flash folder, rebooted. Still, the boot animation didn't show up, so I reset the FakeAnim setting in the launch.ini to "none". I deleted the bootanim.xex I put back in the Flash folder because the file size showed up as 0kb. I had to get off my Xbox and my mother accidentally shut it off. I have not had the time to wait for the console to POSSIBLY fully boot to the RGH NAND, but the stock NAND boots instantly, and I'm not sure if it still boots Xell-Reloaded, which worked prior to the FakeAnim issue. I will not have access to my Xbox for the next few days, but I have two VERY important questions... can the console boot without the bootanim.xex (is it a necessary file); if the RGH NAND refuses to boot, and Xell-Reloaded boots, can I flash my backed up NAND that I had post-RGH (would this restore the bootanim.xex)?


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Jul 7, 2010
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What do you mean by writing it to the second NAND? I don't have access to NAND-flashing hardware right now... and my glitch chip is the Squirt360.
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Mar 9, 2013
you could try this,put the updserv default xex onto the root of a usb mem stick,and put it into your console,and boot console and see if it loads the updserv,then write the new glitch image using j-runner.

you could also try to write new image using xell.

put the xenon.elf and nandflash image onto the root of the usb mem stick.

but not sure if xell will work to write the image though.

but worth a try..


Jan 31, 2005
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you have adual NAND and have no idea how to use it correctly?

what a waste!!

read up on how to use a demon (if it is one) and you will enlighten yourself on how to fix your issues.