DemoN API Interface Information


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Mar 17, 2014
Will it ever be possible to allow developers access to the data transmitted over UART and perhaps save to a response file? This is something I really am in need of. Thanks, tch


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Jan 16, 2011
even without all the added functions,take a look at some of the other dual nand devices out there,and compare them to a demon with ONLY the dual nand and direct nand interface,there is STILL no comparison at all tbh.some of the other devices out there still use spi ffs,which,isnt horrible tbh,if your a penny pincher.


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what about something like this:

you could also hack up an old nokia ca-42 phone cable or any other usb PL2303 ttl converter. you can capture with hyper terminal to your hearts content then using hyperterminal on your pc

the team xecuter nand-x update cable is perfect for uart ( aka usb comms cable )

I have one permantly wired into my 360E on the inside it pokes thru the slits in grill and has a header to attach to for the other half of the cable back to PC..

this one
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