DemoN no boot on retail / rgh


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Sep 1, 2015
So I recently installed a DemoN on a Trinity, I have a cool runner Rev C installed as well which was installed first RGH'ed and was working before the install of the DemoN. After I installed the Demon my boot times became very slow, 30+ minutes if it even booted at all. Any help would be appreciated.

Also before I even installed my DemoN I tried and did an R/W on the DemoN and everything went fine.

The Issue:
#1 Demon will not boot Demon nand.
#2 Stock On Board Nand will not boot.
#3 Green Light on Coolrunner now doesn't turn on.

Things I've tried:
Changing cable length to CPU_RST.
Changing CPU_RST location to Alt point.
Changing cable length to STBY_CLK.
Changing timing files on the console for glitching.
Changing Phat / Slim switch on Coolrunner Rev C.

Pictures :

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