LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM DG-16D4S fw 1071 drive replacment options


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I have a console here that I glitched to get the info for the dvd drive and found it was originally fitted with a DG-16D4S with firmware 1071 in a trinity slim console.

I got given and it did not have a dvd drive fitted, I believe it was from a failed unlock.

I'm guessing I would have to buy that exact model of drive and a Liteon LTU2 Unlocked PCB, I would like to replace the dvd drive and get it all working, it will stay glitched.

I have never dabbled with drive unlocking and replacements as such in any slim console, at the point where you had to drill holes in chips I gave up.

Also can I use my via vt6421 to program the pcb or do I need to buy the x360usbpro device?


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Jun 28, 2013
If it is staying as rgh. Then u can use any xbox dvd drive. As long as the dvd keys match it will work.
U will have to tick nocfrt in jrunner and build a new image to make it work.
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