R-JTAG Did I just fry a Jasper? ?


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Oct 31, 2013
Rural Area, South Africa
Hey guys..

What a bad day. My previous 360 Phat (Fffffalcon board) literally just stopped booting (although XELL booted fine ��), so I bought another working board for a few bucks.

After I removed the complete R-JTAG with all QSB's and reinstalled it into the new Jasper board, I couldn't get it to glitch (POST79 LOAD_XAM each time although XELL should not get to 79).

Some time later I decided to wire the AUD_CLAMP manually using the 2 x 1N4148 diodes and an optional resistor method, as the little QSB suffered previous damage.

As soon as I did that I started getting RRODs each time I try to boot XELL. I triple checked everything and found that I accidentally soldered the AUD_CLAMP wire to Q2N3 instead of Q2N1 ��


Do you guys think I fried it? Gettin 0022 RROD with each try AND with the whole R-JTAG disconnected ��☹��
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