Disassembling the Xbox 360


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Dec 6, 2002

This tutorial was written by Team Xecuter. If you use anything from this tutorial please give credits and also a direct link to this page. Also if we have made any mistakes or left anything out please let us know – thanks !

Disassemble Time: 5 Minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Tools Required: Xecuter Unlock Kit V2 (Can be purchased from all Xecuter Resellers)

If you wish to remove the motherboard to do an RROD repair then you will also need a Xecuter Xbox 360 RROD Repair Kit Pro (Torx 8 & Torx 10 Screwdriver included) and also follow Part 2 of this tutorial

With two simple tools you are able to disassemble the Xbox 360 case, removing the components from the system without any damage. If you plan to take apart your Xbox 360 — and we must warn that doing so will probably void your warranty.

As well as the tutorial below you can follow this video that was posted by xEugene123x on Youtube.


PART 1: Disassemble The Case
1.The first step is to remove the front face plate. Take a look at the front of the Xbox 360 and insert your finger into the gap on the side cover that is closest to the front USB ports [Pic 1a]. Gently pull out the face plate with your thumb [Pic 1b]. With not much force, the face plate should pop right off [Pic 1c].

[Pic 1a]

[Pic 1b]

[Pic 1c]

2. You will notice that the gray ventilation side plates attach to both the bottom and top white chassis. We will now remove the gray side plate starting with the right side of the unit (The side where the hard drive plugs into). For this you will need the Xecuter Unlock Tool. First you need to unlatch the two internal locks which is done quite easily [Pic 2a] & [Pic 2b]

[Pic 2a]

[Pic 2b]

3. Here is a couple of pics showing the process of unlocking the two internal latches [Pic 2c]. Note that when you unlock the latch you should gently lift the gray panel [Pic 2d]

[Pic 2c]

[Pic 2d]

4. There are three latches down each side of the case. These can be accessed through the round air vent holes. Use the unlock tool to push in these latches. On each latch gently lift the gray side panel so that the latches cannot fall back into place [Pic 3a], [Pic 3b] & [Pic 3c].

[Pic 3a]

[Pic 3b]

[Pic 3c]

5. Now turn the Xbox around as you will be doing the same to the other side. To access the first hole to your left you will need to remove a small gray rubber pad [Pic 3d].

[Pic 3d]

6. Now use the unlock tool again to push in two more latches through the air vent holes. Remember to gently lift as you go along [Pic 3e] & [Pic 3f].

[Pic 3e]

[Pic 3f]

7. Remove the gray side panel from the case [Pic 3g].

[Pic 3g]

8. Now lets remove the gray panel on the other side of the case. This one is a little more straight forward as there are no internal latches to unclip. There are three latches each side. Again use the unlock tool to access each latch through the air vent holes. Make sure you gently lift the gray side plate after unclipping each latch [Pic 4a], [Pic 4b] & [Pic 4c]

[Pic 4a]

[Pic 4b]

[Pic 4c]

8. Now lets switch to the other side. Again there are three latches to unclip. Remember to gently lift the panel so the latches do not fall back into place [Pic 5a], [Pic 5b] & [Pic 5c]

[Pic 5a]

[Pic 5b]

[Pic 5c]

9. Once you have both side panels removed, you have essentially removed the main locking mechanism that holds the top and bottom shells together. You are now ready to split the case apart [Pic 6a]

[Pic 6a]

10. Now turn over the console to remove the bottom shell. You will need the Unlocking Tool as there are 5 small rectangle holes to the left of the case [Pic 7a] and 2 small rectangle holes to the right [Pic 7b].

[Pic 7a]

[Pic 7b]

11. There are 5 pins on one side of the Unlock Tool [Pic 8a] and 2 pins on the other side [Pic 8b]. You will need to insert these pins into the small rectangle holes to enable the case to unlatch. The reason the front of the bottom shell needs to be lifted is to prevent the rear latches from reattaching themselves.

[Pic 8a]

[Pic 8b]

12. Carefully insert the Unlock Tool into the row of 5 [Pic 8c]. You should hear a click sound for each clamp you unlatch. Once complete, lift up the left side of the case [Pic 8d] then move over to the row of 2 on the other side of the case.

[Pic 8c]

[Pic 8d]

13. Carefully insert the Unlock Tool into the row of 2 [Pic 8e]. You should hear a click sound for each clamp you unlatch.

[Pic 8e]

14. Once complete, lift up the back and then start work on the front of the Xbox [Pic 9a].

[Pic 9a]

15. Using a flat head screw driver or even your fingernail, gently pry up the 4 clips holding the top shell to the bottom [Pic 10a]. You may want to be careful here if you wish to maintain the quality of the security sticker. Some people use a hairdyer to remove it so it can be replaced intact later. Once the clips are unlatched [Pic 10b], you can now split the case apart completely [Pic 10c].

[Pic 10a]

[Pic 10b]

[Pic 10c]

16. Looking down on the Xbox metal casing you will notice that there are a lot of screws. We are only interested in 6 of them. Using your Torx 10 screw driver, remove the silver screws [Pic 11a].

[Pic 11a]

17. Once you have all the screws removed, flip the Xbox 360 right side up first remove the eject button and then lift up the top plastic shell [Pic 12a] & [Pic 12b].

[Pic 12a]

[Pic 12b]

18. You should now be greeted with the internals of the Xbox 360 [Pic 12c]. Congratulations! You are now ready to update your DVD firmware or continue onto the next part of the tutorial which is to take out the motherboard for RROD repairs.

[Pic 12c]

PART 2: Removing The Motherboard (For RROD Repairs etc)

18. You first need to remove the front panel. Unclip the plastic cover [Pic 13a] and unscrew the 3 screws [Pic 13b] using a Torx 8 screwdriver. Once the screws have been removed unplug the circuit board from the Xbox [Pic 13c].

[Pic 13a]

[Pic 13b]

[Pic 13c]

19. Now remove the DVD Drive (unplug the Power & Sata cable from the back of the drive) and then remove the exhaust unit that covers the fan (if you have one installed) [Pic 14a]. Unplug the fans power cable from the motherboard and unclip the fan from the chassis and remove [Pic 14b & 14c].

[Pic 14a]

[Pic 14b]

[Pic 14c]

20. Turn the case over and remove all the screws. The outer screws are Torx 10 [Pic 15a] and the heatsink screws are Torx 8 [Pic 15b].

[Pic 15a]

[Pic 15b]

21. You can now safely remove the motherboard from the chassis [Pic 16]

[Pic 16]


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Jul 1, 2010
My Xecuter tools are different in design (later version?) than the ones in the official tutorial. It actually was harder than I expected to get the case off as I wasnt sure how to use the tools.


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Dec 9, 2002
one piece has 3 tab one piece has 2 tab the piece with 2 tabs insert into the part of the case with 2 slot the piece with 3 tabs inserts into the part of the case with 3 slot


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Aug 16, 2010
hmmm i opened it with screw driver and pair of pliers of course used Torx key dam oh well it only plastic right ::p just take your time not brake all plastic off heheheh :cool:


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Nov 7, 2009
Cheshire, UK
hmmm i opened it with screw driver and pair of pliers of course used Torx key dam oh well it only plastic right ::p just take your time not brake all plastic off heheheh :cool:
Just buy the right tools. They cost pennies.
You open it with a screw driver and it'll **** the compression joints and make it harder the next time, until eventually, the lid will never close shut.


Mar 22, 2010
Longisland , New York
i use a flat head screw drive to get the faceplate of and to lift the stupid holders off and use a little screw drive to push the holder in to get of the gray thing then i just pull the case off. never snapped of the back pieces of while doing it. then i just us a torx 10 to get the metal piece off. done over 200 flashed without damaging any of the cases


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Aug 9, 2010
I used this tute the other day when I did my first flash and it was invaluable. I found it real handy.

I was more scared about undoing the case than flashing the drive, but after 5 mins, my box was safely in pieces.
I didn't have the unlock tool, instead used a sturdy paperclip, but the guide shows all you need to know.
One word of advice to first time openers. The clips are simple to undo. There's no need to be over firm opening them. I was expecting to have to push solidly, but gently worked a treat.


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Sep 13, 2011
Hi great guide

I have a quick question

i had a tiny piece of metal fall off the rigth side of the DVD drive

long and thin about 2cm long and 2mm wide (i can post pics if it helps)

What is it and is it important

Many Thanks