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Feb 27, 2004
So say one had a DLC nsp such as the DLC for Zelda BOTW and say the files were only like 98kb. And say after installed it would seem to require a download to work. which is why theoretically it is such a small nsp. Would it be safe to connect to wifi and allow the BOTW download the content? Say that was a bad idea would it be possible to purchase the DLC for use on SXOS xci. How would something like that be achieved? Would the nsp for the DLC be able to be removed? Are all DLCs going to have this same problem with their nsp files? This is all theoretical of course.


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May 2, 2010
if you have already used sx os and go online, there is still a chance you would get banned even if you don't play games online
and from what I've heard, dlc for zelda is suppose to be around 1GB, not 100KB, try to look for the 1GB to buy
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Jul 11, 2018
no , they will bann when you go online . it doesnt matter if youre play online or not , or only update games , etc . they gonna bann.
so never go online , if you go online , use heckate ,, CLEAR LOG ,, if not . day is coming when they bann every one :facepalm: