Downloading Homebrew on Switch for Dummies


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Apr 23, 2020
Hi all,

I'm a complete "dummy" for this thing.
I've been trying to follow videos/directions on forums but seem to be messing up downloading Homebrew onto my switch.
My ultimate goal is to download cheats onto the sxos so I can replay some games with cheats.
I have the sxos pro downloaded along with emunand onto my switch.

Is there a kind soul out there who is willing to help me out?
I have a Mac, also, if that's what's causing all my problems :/
Also, I reformatted my microSD into a FAT32 from exFAT because that's what the sxos kept telling me to do (not sure if that was the right choice or not). It was originally a 512GB microSD...

Thank you in advance to whoever can help.