Driver enumeraionn failed


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Hi I get driver enumeration failed with the mass storage driver on my x360 pro USB v2.

I was sold it 2nd hand from a online retailer saying the keron/0800 ripping bit they could not get to work.

The ck3i driver and x360 pro driver installs but there is no driver in the pack for the mass storage driver.

I don't know if this is just a windows 10 thing or it is actually faulty.


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Feb 22, 2018
Hmmm, I am working on getting mine to rip cds on XBC. I have a pack of drivers that work. There are so many steps so I guess the first thing is this step. Did you reboot in disabled driver signature? That would be the first thing to ensure. If you haven't then I suggest going to start menu, open settings then scroll down to update and security, recovery then advanced startup options then restart now and select number 7 disable driver signature management. Plug in and it will ask you for drivers update with the v2 drivers. Now on the actual x360 the mode b blue light should be off, it will be red if you have it in mode a, and on the side there is a switch next to reset button. That is the update swtich, when it's closest to the reset button it is on and away the update will be off.
Right click the device manager to see if you can see the two drivers there. If they are not then you need to update them. There is a perfect screen shot of this if you look up the thread here. I know there are a lot of threads and this is just one more added to the mix but this DOES work on windows 10 and I just used jungleflasher to flash my drive to 0800. If you don't have that package of drivers look here for it. xbins has the 0800 firmware and don't ask me how the xbc backup actually works yet. I am still trying to figure that one out. I followed the tutorial perfectly and I haven't gotten it to work just yet. I almost had it working on win 8 but I didn't have the 0800 firmware flashed on to the drive. I do now and I just need to get it going!
PM me and we can work This out together. Here is one more detail to remember, the switch need to be away from the button to be off. I had it on previously and was so frustrated that I couldn't get it to work I almost gave up. in case you didn't read this.
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