LITEON 83850 v1 DVD Key Extracted - Drive No Longer Detected


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Sep 15, 2011
Hi guys I would really appreciate your expert advice and guidance on the following:

I have:
Molex Power Supply

Good news = I bought all the kit you guys recommended, set it all up, even managed to take apart the 360, opened up drive, found it to be a Liteon DG-16D2s-09C, HW: AOA2; FW: 83850C, July 2009 (so I imagine it is V1 ?). I even managed to use the Probe and got my DVD key which I saved!

Bad News = Followed the Jungleflasher tutorial and once I got the DVD Key and saved it all, Jungleflasher asked me if I wanted to autoload the lt1.1 file which I thought I had put in the 'firmware' folder of Jungleflasher (atually put all the Liteon firmwares there 'pre' and 'post') but Jungleflasher stated: cannot find file. Stupidly, I then closed Jungleflasher, reopened it, attempted a 'Liteon' erase and it failed and now my PC and Jungleflasher won't recognise the Liteon drive. The X360UsbPro has latest drivers and firmware and both lights are green but when I connect the drive and power supply the light on the X360UsbPro closest to SATA cable either flashes blue as if it is looking for the drive or goes red. Molex power supply shows green but no idea if the drive is responding at all now?

What do I do guys? I have my DVD key saved, been searching extensively through forums and came across PC finding Liteon drives through 'DOS flash', drive in vendor mode but after reading have zero idea what/how to do that or where to start. I have ploughed through forums but no ideas and adds to my dismay and frustration at being so useless with this.

I'm so sorry I bother you but am at a real loss, is there anything that can be done that is step-by-step ways in which I get get back on track, drive detected and flash back to stock?

Many thanks for your patience guys


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Oct 1, 2011
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your liteon drive will be in vendor mode, you need to click outro device before exitng the program, just load it up click outro device and it should take it out of vendor mode


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Sep 15, 2011
The problem is that I can't even get the drive to be recognised by my PC or Jungleflasher as it probably is stuck in vendor mode.

Any ideas on how to get it recognised?


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Oct 8, 2009
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Just hit the regular intro button (don't worry if your drive is not recognized, just do it) in the MTK flash32 and power off/on the drive, you will be in vendor mode after that.
Write you CFW and outro it...