EA Sports UFC won't allow you to share custom fighters online


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Dec 6, 2002
Most of us here aren't known for our knowledge of MMA - but one thing we do enjoy doing in combat sport games is recreating famous faces - or grotesque, hideous freaks of nature - to pit against each other for our own amusement. Sadly, it seems we won't be able to share our custom creations in the upcoming EA Sports UFC with our friends online. In an interview with MMAJunkie, creative director Bryan Hayes said that the option to create your own fighter will be included in the game as it was a very popular feature of the studio's previous Fight Night games: "One of the big things people did on a game like "Fight Night" is making Rocky Balboa, or Floyd Mayweather or whatever."

"But nowadays when people can make YouTube clips and share them, there's this whole grey area where if our game allows users to make a Rocky character that's the intellectual property of somebody else, it causes a ton of problems. There is a "Create-A-Fighter" and you could create you own Rocky, but when we are facilitating the sharing of content, it gets very difficult."
Hayes also mentions how IP and copyright means that any updates to fighter attire may also be restricted, saying "With all the new technologies like game DVR, the ability to share videos and all that make for some crazy challenges. If someone puts Jon Jones in something that's not Nike and makes a video of it, that can't be done. We pretty much have to lock them to their brands and that'll be it."

EA Sports UFC is still set for a "late Spring" release on Xbox One. Are you disappointed you won't be able to share your custom fighters? For more from someone far more knowledgeable on the sport than me.
Source: OXM
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