Error 0020 Xbox 360 E

xbox one

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Jun 7, 2013
hi all experts.
I have a console E edition. i dumped the nand two times and they identical, I wrote xell and no single green light.
i tried so many times to glitch it but with no hope.
after all i decided to return it to original state, so i wrote the original nand .
I start the console the a red light in less than a second .
i checked the light codes it 0020??????????????????? any help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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Jan 3, 2014
Alabama U.S
not sure if you have solved problem or not, I had same issue, it caused by c1 c2 point , re-solder both will make it work
??? c1 c2? what exactly is that? 0020 could be caused by a lot of things but not sure about c1 c2 and there is no way that is a gauranteed fix for his console.