ExFAT or FAT32


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May 14, 2019
I have read a lot of threads on this and its hard to tell which is preferred:

For the primary purpose of playing switch .xci and .nsp, is FAT32 or ExFAT the preferred format for the MicroSD?
I've read a lot of threads about corruption on ExFAT, and also threads that say the corruption has since been fixed.

I do plan to use retroarch as well, and I know requires FAT32. I can always get two cards if switch .xci and .nsp prefer ExFAT.


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Jun 2, 2010
I have never had any coruption on my ExFAT cards, i know alot have had it
I prefer ExFAT caurse then you don't need to split games that is over 4GB


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Nov 26, 2007
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Like Hack said. Plenty of users use exFAT without issue. I personally use RetroArch and have had corruption issues. Since changing to fat32 I have not had any (knock on wood haha), but I do play more RA than Switch games at the moment.

I would not recommend using 2 cards though especially if you are going to use emunand. Nintendo recommends only using 1 SD as well. I believe it can cause issues with your title database and then adding emunand to the mix as well will probably cause weird issues.

If you are worried about files larger than 4gb on fat32, you can either split them manually or use SX Server and SX installer over your network which will do that for you.

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