HITACHI 79 Failed to Play 79 Unlock Audio CD


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Dec 13, 2011
Khobar, Saudi Arabia
I am flashing a Hitachi 79 for a costumer
I connected it using Ck3i and X360USB pro and using JF1.90

I burned the 79 unlock cd using image burn that verified the write and it plays in WMP a small sound track.

JF reads the drive my problem is when I place the 79 unlock disk in the drive and press 79 unlock it gives me "Playing 79Unlock Audio CD
Failed to Play 79Unlock Audio CD"

I guess the drive was flashed before as when it is in mode b it closes the tray manually as said in JF

After everything failing I opened the drive and found that the laser ribbon on the lens side was disconnected after fixing it every thing went ok
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