"Failed to write to place holder!" errors using SX Installer 3.0.1, CFW 9.0.3b, System FW 9.1.0


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Dec 23, 2019
When attempting to install an NSP or NSZ via SX Installer 3.0.1 from NUT/SX Server I receive several errors as follows:

Failed to write to place holder! This is usually caused by not having enough available space on your SD card or NAND. It is also caused by corrupted exFAT SD cards (which you should not be using).
SX Installer shows 34.7GB free on my SD card and the files I've attempted to install are 6GB or less. I've never had an issue with this SD card prior to this. NSPs install just fine from the CFW's "Installer" tab when the files are previously copied to the SD card (I'm just trying to avoid using super slow FTP transfers or removing the SD card from the console to copy files). Anyone have any ideas? I did copy files via OS X previously and had to use `chflags -R noarch` but other than that I never messed with the files/file system directly.


I was able to install a small game of ~300MB via SX Install/SX Server. Here is the full console output when installing a 3GB game that fails:

(22x error message above)
network error: transfer closed with 3087007744 bytes remaining to read
(additional instance of error message above)
Failed to download the entire NCA, aborting. 76431360 of 3163439104
Install failed
install failed, looking for mirror...
Install failed, see console for more details.
Invalid PFS0 Magic!
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