RGH Falcon CR4 XL and Demon questions


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May 28, 2015
Hi there, I'm planning to RGH 2 my Xbox 360 Falcon on the latest dashboard, and I want to make sure I buy what I need. Since I'm going to buy a Demon, do I still need to buy an J-R Programmer? Because I read some forums that you could read/write the nand with a demon rather than using an J-R Programmer, is this correct? Another, I am getting myself a CR4 Xl, Do I install both CR4 XL with the demon to read the nand? or Do I install the demon first to read the nand, and then install the CR4 XL afterwards to finish up the RGH-ing process?


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Apr 2, 2015
Yes, you can use demon. You don't need to install both demon and cr4 to read nand. But you can solder it together, you will save some time :)


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If you're looking at doing a dual NAND system, you will need the DemoN.
You will also need a glitch chip and, for that, I recommend the CR4.

Unless you are on a Corona, these are the only two pieces of equipment you need.
If you are on a Corona, you will need to get the QSB converter for the DemoN Slim. Or you could wire install like jery911 did (look here).