FALCON Falcon tRJTAG+ Insta Boot


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Dec 14, 2012
Sorry, No pictures, I gave my friend their camera back before I finished this box.


dips 4 and 7 no caps, didnt test them, as I was satisfied, and this is a customers box, that I have had sitting here for a week, while I waited for my order from xconsoles to get in.

default wire lengths, underside cpu_rst point

rater score 9.3

all except 5 out of 20 boots were 1 cycle, all 20 were within 3 cycles, I am happy with it, even though I know it can be better.

If you want pictures of my soldering, check out this page http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?149379-Zephyr-CR4-E79&p=1035641#post1035641, as I dont have a camera, and had to borrow one to take those pics, this box looks the same, except no demon install. This install I actually glued down the wires, unlike the zephyr, as that one needs reballed.

Sorry it took me so long to post test results. My professional opinion is this chip is amazing. Easy install. I might have spent all day with that zephyr, but the falcon took me 45 minutes total for the install, and nand r/w processes. It was also much easier on the tuning to decent boot times then the r-jtag, and cr3-pro, and slim proto v1/v2. Amazing chip setup. I might throw one in my jasper,