fatal crash every time i go to freinds & or messages with the center botton


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Feb 21, 2017
[FONT=Roboto, arial, sans-serif]I recently bought and installed a gta v mod menu, which had some bugs (unknown at time) and causes a fatal crash every time i go to friends & or messages with the center button. Already, flash nand (x2), took mod menu off, un & re installed gta v, reset dash configuration, placed new launch ini, deleted cache on system and in HDD.i'm at a loss, everything else works.

Any feed back towards a resolution is greatly appreciated.


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Dec 5, 2013
A glitch chip, regardless of what brand you use, will have nothing to so with anything as its sole purpose is to load your hacked xebuild image. Once the chip has done its thing, it is basically asleep and no longer part of whats going on.

A Few reason why this is not the place to ask about that, one, because of what I just explained above, 2. If you're getting online and disrupting legitimate gameplay with mods, that's not cool. One thing I hate is when I go into a GTA session or a Bo2 game and there is a online modder ruining it for everyone. I understand the business point of it, you want to make a few bucks selling a cash drop or hosting an xp lobby, but those modders that go online and just bully players and make their online experience a pain in the a$$ just ruin the whole point of RGH.

Saying that, I'm not just assuming you're like that, the problem is related to your menu or some other plugin you have loaded, also contact your stealth server owner for help too, no help here bud.